Contamination of hydraulic oil due to internal damage of actuator

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  • Turbine Valve Hydraulic Actuators are caused by foreign substance (iron powder) due to Internal damage circulating in the hydraulic system, causing the contamination of the hydraulic operating oil to accelerate the abrasion within the hydraulic actuators.
    In particular, it has a negative impact on servo control valve (FAS, shut-off valve) and emergency stop valve (ETS, solenoid valve) which are vulnerable to t phoellution of hydraulic operating oil. It is a major cause of the frequent breakdown and cutback (power generation reduction).
  • As shown in the picture above, to check the internal damage condition of the main turbine valve, which is the core equipment of the power plant, the turbine valve hydraulic actuator must be separated from the system and requested to be taken out for maintenance to an outsourcing company.
  • Disassembling the hydraulic actuator at the repair shop of the outsourcing company is necessary to verify the condition of internal damage visually so that the performance can be checked. The serious problem of the existing power maintenance technology which could not be check defaults beforehand was significantly improved.
  • Performance Prediction Diagnostic Tester (TVAT) for Turbine Valve Hydraulic Actuators can be used to check the performance of turbine valve hydraulic actuators without separating them from the steam valve system. It can contribute greatly to the actual preventive maintenance, improvement of the reliability of development maintenance (diagnosis) technology, and the improvement of the operation efficiency.
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  • Improving power quality and increasing power generation efficiency can contribute to stable power generation