Expected Effect

  • Realization of reliable maintenance of power generation through actual preventive maintenance and dramatic reduction in diagnosis and maintenance costs due to shortened maintenance period.
    Diagnosis and maintenance of current plant actuators can drastically improve disadvantages that depend entirely on subcontractors.
  • By reducing reliance on subcontractors, reducing maintenance and diagnostics costs, and enabling power plant self-sufficiency verification tests, it is expected to contribute greatly to securing (improving) reliability of power generation maintenance technology.
    • Increase efficiency of power plant operation by systematic management of malfunctioning cycle in replacement of hydraulic actuator and repairs
    • Reduced maintenance cost by shortening maintenance period(maintenance costs by 1/40)
    • Actual preventive maintenance and prevention of cutbacks in advance through prediction diagnosis of malfunctions
    • Eliminate the factors of malfunction by carrying out the performance verifying test of the power plant before installing the system and after installation and maintenance
    • Periodical maintenance and establishment of a diagnosis system
  • This new product dramatically improves this, has substantial preventive maintenance and an ongoing maintenance (diagnosis) system for actuator.
    Predictive Diagnosis and Maintenance Before installation of the spare parts after installation, it is possible to contribute to improvement of power quality and productivity by improving the reliability of power generation maintenance and operation efficiency by testing the integrity of the power plant itself.