• Automatically measures, stores, and reports the test results of thrust, test pressure, stroke (opening ratio), leakage, and oil temperature of turbine valve hydraulic actuators and prints out the report of results on the performance test. Compares and analyzes the next cycle of maintenance and allowed to use it as a big data. It is possible to prevent cutbacks in advance and efficiently manage the system by predicting the maintenance cycle through predicting malfunctions of the core equipment of the power plant..

Diagnosis of soundness by special diagnosis block module

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  • The pre-integrity diagnostic test technique for the Actuator main body automatically cuts off the existing hydraulic system hydraulic line (FAS, ETS line) piped to the Actuator, and the special test block module design technology with the test oil supply flow path for the integrity diagnosis is applied.
  • We can pre-inspect of integrity without separation of the actuator from the system.