Differences from existing similar product technologies

  • A picture showing that it is currently possible for inspection only if it is separated from the system
There are various types of turbine steam valve hydraulic actuators
in power plants as shown below
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  • In order to diagnose the performance of the hydraulic actuator, it is necessary to separate it from the system, and it is troublesome to move the system to an external inspection service company for disassembly and confirmation, and a huge maintenance cost is required.
  • Since it isn’t possible for whole inspection, some or all of the planned maintenance cycle is being replaced, which delays the maintenance period and costs immensely.

A non-separating Performance Diagnosis using TVAT

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  • TVAT doesn’t separate the hydraulic actuator from the system. It determines whether to continue use and measures and analyzes the diagnosed results for whole inspection, so it can secure the reliability of the power generation maintenance. TVAT is the newest developed product that allows one to prevent malfunctioning factors of power plants by establishing a periodical maintenance diagnosis system of power plants.

Differences from existing similar product technologies-2

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  • The current method is to test the hydraulic actuator by attaching the valves to the hydraulic actuator and supplying power to each of them, so that the ambiguity of the test results can be known with the data including the servo valve, the dump seat part and the cylinder leakage.
  • It is not possible to test the performance of the power plant itself before installing thesystem’s warehousing goods and spare parts.
  • In order to diagnose the performance of the Actuator main body, it must be separated from the system and moved to the outsourcing company. Therefore, it is not possible to inspect the overall inspection within maintemance period.
  • This portable tester has the key technology that enables performance diagnosis (application of predictive diagnosis algorithm) without separation from the system.
  • In other words, it is possible to evaluate the integrity of the core device through the pre-inspection of the actuator body.
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  • Currently, the valve test device is a similar product, but it is a fixed type that is owned by an external company. It is necessary to separate the hydraulic actuator from the system and disassemble it from the external company for visual confirmation.
  • The diagnostic method used by the existing similar product doesn’t allow performance diagnosis before the hydraulic actuator is separated from the system.

Cases of preventing malfunctioning factors in advance and diagnosis result report document

  • Reference list and Actuator integrity result report example (from domestic power plants)
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  • By Type, Before & after Maintenance and Next Maintenance Cycle analysis(OVERLAP REPORT)
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  • Before installation in the system after maintenance of the hydraulic actuator, there was a successful case of actual preventive preservation by filtering out nonconformity (rejection) systems using the “test system” after the performance verification test of the power plant.
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  • Use of the data of Actuator's overall inspection and diagnosis judges whether or not to use until the next maintenance cycle. Therefore, it is possible to secure the reliability of power generation maintenance by virtue of preventive maintenance and integrity, and to prevent the cause of power plant failure beforehand by constructing a system for maintenance diagnosis of power plants.
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